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USDA Federal Employee eAuth Registration
USDA Contractor eAuth Registration
USDA Partner/Customer eAuth Registration
General Public eAuth Registration
Aglearn Registration:  Requires an active eAuthentication account
Required a USDA eAuthentication user id
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Registration Directions

To begin using AgLearn, you must first have a USDA eAuthentication account. 

AgLearn Registration for Non-Federal Employees Directions
If you are a USDA Federal Employee and you already have a USDA eAuthentication Level 2 account, you do not need to proceed further, but should return to the AgLearn Home Page by clicking the Back Button at the top of your screen. On the AgLearn Home page, click the Login button. If you experience a mapping error message, write down the message and contact the AgLearn Help Desk at or (866) 633-9394.

Important - Process Change for Non-employees and AgLearn

What You Need to Know
The USDA AgLearn system has recently gone through a major upgrade and most recently an Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAMS) / Enterprise Entitlement Management System (EEMS) implementation. This directly affects the process of how non-federal employee users gain access to AgLearn.

Non-employee users include contractors, affiliates, interns, volunteers, and fellows.
(Users who are not USDA Federal Employees)
Note: Employee AgLearn profiles will still be created the same way but will be created more quickly from the new data feeds.

What you need to do
Non-federal employee users will be entered in the Person Model system (by their Sponsor – See Agency List Below) and then only need to complete internal registration with the eAuthentication system (invitation received via email). Provided there are no issues during registration with eAuthentication, the user can gain access to AgLearn within 48 hours. No other steps are necessary.

Click here for the USDA Agency POC list for Person Model Entry

If you have any problems with or questions about the USDA eAuthentication Employee Registration process, please contact your Agency's Registration Lead. Click here for a list of Agency Registration Leads.

If you are not one of the following types of “users” in USDA (contractors, affiliates, interns, volunteers, and fellows) then please proceed with the following process:

To begin using AgLearn, you must first have a USDA eAuthentication account.

USDA customers, partners or contractors (users who are not USDA Federal Employees) need to request a USDA eAuthentication account. Locate the Step 1 - Create Account area on the left hand side of this page. Select the option that applies to you to begin your request. For more information about eAuthentication accounts, please click here.

After you receive your USDA eAuthentication account ID and password, you can proceed to Step 2, Complete AgLearn Registration.

This step requires you to validate the information in your account, such as full name, address, and email. You will need to provide the name of the USDA agency and USDA contact who is sponsoring your account in AgLearn. Your account in AgLearn will be activated when AgLearn receives verification from your USDA sponsor (usually within 48 to 72 hours)