The Agriculture Learning (AgLearn) system is USDA's department-wide system for managing training records and activity at USDA. AgLearn is one of the USDA eGovernment strategic initiatives and directly supports the Presidential eGovernment initiative for e-Training. USDA employees and USDA partners use AgLearn to search, access, enroll in, and record all training opportunities through the web, any time, any place. Learning opportunities in AgLearn include both online resources, such as courses, webinars, videos and books, as well as registration in traditional, instructor-led training. AgLearn is the official system of record for all training for USDA employees. Users can also plan their future career development in the system with the online AgLearn IDP, and can submit external training requests via the Aglearn online SF-182. By using AgLearn, USDA employees have access to a wealth of learning resources anytime, and anyplace an Internet presence is available.

Getting Started Guide